Dope Tech: The Fastest Drone AND Car Yet!

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Marques Brownlee

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The 87mph drone, the 211mph electric supercar and beyond!

Rimac Concept One:
Insta 360 GO2:

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TheLurkingRage Pred 11 urami
2:42 Apple: "do not write that down!"
Local Trap Star
Local Trap Star Pred 4 dnevi
11:45 Is no one gonna acknowledge how he just blew through that stop sign…..? Lol
Local Trap Star
Local Trap Star Pred 4 dnevi
Could I use my RHCP mushroom antenna on one antenna post; or does that not help with digital…?
Krishna S
Krishna S Pred 6 dnevi
is that difficult to get into that car?
Roger Wilkins
Roger Wilkins Pred 7 dnevi
That is NOT a roadster...
Aydan's Channel
Aydan's Channel Pred 7 dnevi
It's a gimbal not a gimble tho, 3:44
Sw00t_y PrD
Sw00t_y PrD Pred 11 dnevi
Jesus Christ is the King
Abhinav Mudgal
Abhinav Mudgal Pred 13 dnevi
Doug DeMuro: You forgot about the "Quirks and Features" !!
Aulia Pribadi Darwinsyah
Aulia Pribadi Darwinsyah Pred 13 dnevi
Please review rimac nevera! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
David Drejer
David Drejer Pred 14 dnevi
its sad that theres no place for the phone when you are not wanting to use the googles
Modris Bitenbinders
Modris Bitenbinders Pred 14 dnevi
Rimac Nevera is now the new king.
Khush Arora
Khush Arora Pred 14 dnevi
Bro my Honda Civic sounds more badass than that
Nathan Emire
Nathan Emire Pred 14 dnevi
I have Merrick
Jesus S
Jesus S Pred 15 dnevi
The better margaret topically expect because examination pathologically paint failing a hesitant gym. rapid, adorable skill
Josh Majana
Josh Majana Pred 16 dnevi
The optimal sail phylogenetically wonder because cheese morphologically improve apropos a hoc snowstorm. bloody, hot huge eggplant
قناة ببساطة
قناة ببساطة Pred 16 dnevi
Hello 👋
rainbowsix Pred 16 dnevi
just came from carwow ..and its amazing ...1/4 mile in 8.64 sec
Knox Brown
Knox Brown Pred 16 dnevi
My dad attached my front tooth to the Dji fpv drone and went the fastest mode and I was on a mountain and I almost got lifted off the ground ,it hurt ,I thought it would tear a bit of my gums , my dad crashed one and it was me and him we almost hit our neighbors house than we hit the tree , it was scary 😧,my dad had the care thing so thankfully he got another and he also has the dji air 2 s
Fani Nurisna Andiansah
Fani Nurisna Andiansah Pred 17 dnevi
Watch Carwow
Tibaldo Agustin Juan
Tibaldo Agustin Juan Pred 18 dnevi
11:00 [THhhhhiiiIIIIIIIiiiissssss intensifies]
Polash Das
Polash Das Pred 18 dnevi
The fastest car is the smallest car
Guide World
Guide World Pred 19 dnevi
What is the intro song name? I love that music!
Niramay Mehta
Niramay Mehta Pred 19 dnevi
9:25 You will thank me later 😇
Mmm_ hmm_
Mmm_ hmm_ Pred 19 dnevi
“and give it a doug score” lmaoo that’s pretty funny also u need to go to a black barber like frfr
Boyfriend Pred 20 dnevi
You should check out spark
Red Cracker
Red Cracker Pred 20 dnevi
0:00 The way he got in the car is pretty much comparable to the way Borat does.
AwDaleYeah Pred 22 dnevi
It blows my mind that people think this drone is great. If only they know about the world of 5” quadcopters.
Shreeyutt Rathore
Shreeyutt Rathore Pred 23 dnevi
I just love the sound track of this dope tech, being here so many times for that!!!
Tim Berko
Tim Berko Pred 27 dnevi
what is the name of the camera
bradd tonski
bradd tonski Pred 27 dnevi
teach me how to vlog my idol MB
Justin MacDonald
Justin MacDonald Pred 28 dnevi
for those of your listening, you WISH it was 12.99$. Tbh, so do I hahaha
lilstump55 Pred 28 dnevi
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that who ever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life ✝️
Christopher Anthony
Christopher Anthony Pred 29 dnevi
Hello Marques.. I just bought my 2nd drone a HS 720 and I was wondering would you know of any lights that are light enough and bright enough that I could add to the drone Thanks for your videos Chris
Ed Schirra
Ed Schirra Pred 29 dnevi
:( Ouch, DJi - 8:15 - you can see the props. So now it isn't 4k but with cropping that out, its now about 3.7k. Bit of a let down there... DJi could have positioned the camera a little bit further forward and eliminated that altogether. Also, if they had positioned the camera UNDER the drone, the camera could do a whole lot more ... But HEYYY! Let me add a HUGE bonus here. You can now OUTRUN pretty much MOST of the birds who want to attack you. EXCEPT, you will not outrun an attacking eagle. Where I live, and there are about 4 of them, until DJI can give me 200 mph, that Eagle. if it sees me as a threat, will dive and will kill...LOL - strike one to nature!!! Sorry, DJi. And as for the peregrine falcon? 240 mph. Ouch. Think DJi need to put a few warning triangles on the box. One of them: a BEWARE EAGLES logo.
David Sinclair
David Sinclair Pred 29 dnevi
Dude I feel it! I’m 6’9 and cars just do NOT fit humans that large haha
Isaac Parker
Isaac Parker Pred 29 dnevi
marques: there were only 8 of them ever made.. so im going to be very careful also marques: *doesnt stop at stop sign*
talha saad
talha saad Pred mesecem
Everyone: watching videos for fun Me: going straight to comments for memes
Vitopaletti Pred mesecem
most useless car i ever seen in my life....
Philip Zou
Philip Zou Pred mesecem
But that’s not the fastest fpv drone...
Kastjels Pred mesecem
*I really like to know how far can you fly with it,* *without losing connection control???*
tony cain
tony cain Pred mesecem
Good video bruh.... people please realize he said fastest car he has drove and fastest drone he's flown. Not the fastest there is.
ZAPIX Pred mesecem
Idiot this is not the fastest drone / car
Drone Trek with Pow Pow
Drone Trek with Pow Pow Pred mesecem
Two crazy pieces of technology. Drone and car is the dream of every techie.
Elmo Barleycorn
Elmo Barleycorn Pred mesecem
nice video....very informative....thanks.
Mr.D Pred mesecem
The "Doug score" comment earned my subscription!
paul myles
paul myles Pred mesecem
Fastest drone ..... No not by long shot
ryan abar
ryan abar Pred mesecem
Thought it was a kienosig at first glance
Alexander test123
Alexander test123 Pred mesecem
You can remove propellers from camera by changing view settings: Settings>Camera>Advanced Camera Settings>Distortion Correction
The Max
The Max Pred mesecem
3:08 that's why we put a GoPro on top 😅
The Max
The Max Pred mesecem
Marques: "Fastest drone" Vanover: Am I a joke to you?
Big Bang Bake
Big Bang Bake Pred mesecem
What kind of drone is that with the iPad
Durahl Pred mesecem
I'd argue for that title to be needing a correction to "Fastest _Production_ Drone" cause clearly there have been faster _DIY_ ones out there clocked in the 250kmh area...
Alexander Minev
Alexander Minev Pred mesecem
Arnab Sengupta
Arnab Sengupta Pred mesecem
How crypto got his drone
Sara Samadi
Sara Samadi Pred mesecem
I just need 10 trx for transaction fi please help me TSN4JbJjAMw2uJZN7KdW2NwgYAxA7CiXph
Beat Racer
Beat Racer Pred mesecem
bro what does it take to impress this guy lol
Dominic Hudson
Dominic Hudson Pred mesecem
that intro though! hahaha :)
gauthier daniel
gauthier daniel Pred mesecem
I mean really a fpv dji drone the fastest 😂😂😂 it reach 140 or 160 kph in acro
Guy Divosta
Guy Divosta Pred mesecem
WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought black people were oppressed in the US???? Something doesn't add up... Mate, you haven't yet been hunted down by American police force? Is CNN lying to me? hahah
Dani’s World
Dani’s World Pred mesecem
Ello :>
sbodi4d Pred mesecem
Great video...
Tanbir Nr
Tanbir Nr Pred mesecem
16:23 3rd EYE...😅
Krakenattaken17 bottom text
Krakenattaken17 bottom text Pred mesecem
Didn't Hammond crash that?
Cody Behrens
Cody Behrens Pred mesecem
My fpv drone that I built goes 90+ mph easy with a 6s lipo. the dji fpv system is still pretty dope though
JJordanss_8 Pred mesecem
I own it this car I’m only 17 haha I own it in gta v tho hehe
Nathan Jay
Nathan Jay Pred mesecem
Only 87MPH lol
Pranshu Sodhani
Pranshu Sodhani Pred mesecem
Pranshu Sodhani
Pranshu Sodhani Pred mesecem
Loved the video from video
Pranshu Sodhani
Pranshu Sodhani Pred mesecem
Thanks again❤️❤️👍👍🙏
Nuni Q02
Nuni Q02 Pred mesecem
Marques: That is the Rimac Concept one Me: Nah that’s the Coil Cyclone
Phillip Barlow
Phillip Barlow Pred 2 meseci
That was totally hilarious, when Marques said he was going to give the Rimac "a Doug Score." As in DeMuro. This channel is funny AND informative!
k y
k y Pred 2 meseci
neven covic
neven covic Pred 2 meseci
Glad to see something from Croatia on your channel. Come here and see the country ..I think you will like it. Salut from Zagreb
Tristan Darnell
Tristan Darnell Pred 2 meseci
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Nathen Angelo
Nathen Angelo Pred 2 meseci
I have been a member of his trading community for over 5 months and its been so profitable .. last month I was able to grow my 1.5btc to 6.4btc. All my friends and I are so grateful to the man
Everett Celina
Everett Celina Pred 2 meseci
Trading successfully is just trading with the right strategy. Ever since I started using his daily signals I have been making massive profits
Anke Lütjohann
Anke Lütjohann Pred 2 meseci
I just wanna say that using the johnny signals completely transformed my trad|ng style and confidence (and dividends of course!)
cam gabriel
cam gabriel Pred 2 meseci
here is an opportunity for newbies to capitalize on, It’s quite a shame people can’t see this, tradlng is everything right now.
Britney Stuart
Britney Stuart Pred 2 meseci
hthe analysis of the day as been sparkling and the resistant is heading over
Diganta Dutta
Diganta Dutta Pred 2 meseci
i have made a drone
Thedoevery Thing
Thedoevery Thing Pred 2 meseci
the fastest drone is over 300 KMH bud. shut up.
Bongani Duma
Bongani Duma Pred 2 meseci
Suppppppper Cool!!
Kings Prints
Kings Prints Pred 2 meseci
wow top gear thats good news congrats
GeForce006 Pred 2 meseci
it's a coil cyclone frome gta 5!
Let's Explore Tanzania
Let's Explore Tanzania Pred 2 meseci
Wow 🤩
Kanalunuifpv Pred 2 meseci
my drone will eat that drone for beakfast....
Kanalunuifpv Pred 2 meseci
it's not the fastest drone it's djis fastest drone
Mina Samaan
Mina Samaan Pred 2 meseci
The cyclone from gta
MIKE VON BACH Pred 2 meseci
congrats you are blowing up.
Armed Student
Armed Student Pred 2 meseci
Lmao definitely not the fastest car or drone🤣🤣
JuiceBoxHD Pred 2 meseci
Those fpv make good guided flying explosives
Claudio Vagnoni (RealCoach)
Claudio Vagnoni (RealCoach) Pred 2 meseci
Wears a mask alone in the car.... how stupid can a person be
Stoflc Pred 2 meseci
Hanond crashed while he was working at the Grand Tour not Top Gear!
OFFTRAIL TALE Pred 2 meseci
Nicely shot clip, hope to get my hands on this for my videos one day :)
Jodi F. Cobb
Jodi F. Cobb Pred 2 meseci
I've driven Several (go carts) now that was fun to here ya say that!
Luka Kajinić
Luka Kajinić Pred 2 meseci
I live near the Rimac factory and I saw the concept1 on the streets :D. Must love Croatia
Jerome Truitt
Jerome Truitt Pred 2 meseci
Good thing you added that "I have ever flown" because I was finna roast you dog! Lol
NY MiC TEC Pred 2 meseci
Did they charge you to test ride this?
Abdulrahman Alomrani
Abdulrahman Alomrani Pred 2 meseci
Shahed Hussain
Shahed Hussain Pred 2 meseci
Doug DeMuro got a mini heart attack there... Felt like Marques is taking over his channel
Shahed Hussain
Shahed Hussain Pred 2 meseci
Writing for top gear!!! Amazing! ❤️ How big have you ever imagined yourself to be?
Adam Victor
Adam Victor Pred 2 meseci
in terms of what is available in the fpv world this offering by dji is rather expensive, fragile and disappointing, with the exception of a few neat developments like the adjustable gimbal and unique flight modes. it is certainly not the "fastest" drone by any stretch.
Alexander Biemann
Alexander Biemann Pred 2 meseci
Too bad you didn't launch the car and had the drone (try to) follow. Missed opportunity.
hanoverview Pred 2 meseci
"The Fastest Drone" my slowest quad is faster XD
Maruf Pred 2 meseci
I'm pretty sure that the Rimac Concept One is faster than the Tesla Model S.
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