M1 iMac Review: Ultra Thin Design Choice!

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Marques Brownlee

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Apple's M1 iMac is crazy thin. It's a polarizing design, but a great computer!

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Computer provided by Apple for review.


Apoorv Gupta
Apoorv Gupta Pred 52 minutami
I think apple genuinely make products with flaws so that people can criticize them and give them publicity
#ThatMario Guy
#ThatMario Guy Pred uro
The reviews are my favorite videos he makes🔥
ARBIND KUMAR Pred 10 urami
Can Autodesk Revit work in Ipad pro 2021/2020 ?
Bhavya Garg
Bhavya Garg Pred 14 urami
amazing how he uses spotify on iAMc
Sonali Dutt
Sonali Dutt Pred 15 urami
I kinda like the logo-less front, it's like a slap on people who say, "Oh, you buy apple products only for the logo, right?"
Akash Sarda
Akash Sarda Pred 18 urami
I'm sure Dbrand is onto it if you want black bezels
Gideon McCarthy
Gideon McCarthy Pred 19 urami
What music do you use
roberto pirro
roberto pirro Pred dnevom
I just got one. Silver. It’s frigging AMAZING! … truly is . Love it. Better than expected… and soooooooo quick . I am blown away….
King Flakes
King Flakes Pred dnevom
1:15 soooo cute 😍
Luca Pred dnevom
The beauty of this computer is from behind. How many of us has a freaking table in the middle of the room? 🙄
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells Pred dnevom
They should have made a chin
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells Pred dnevom
The first impression facts 💯
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells Pred dnevom
Yea they should had made it better
Clee4000 Pred dnevom
So it's basically? A built in monitor and desktop together but by apple. Ya, I never used or owned an iMac before. But? This would be a good gift for my little sister who loves apple products.
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells Pred dnevom
The new I Mac looks awesome
Ross With No Sauce
Ross With No Sauce Pred 2 dnevi
When he was talking ab how it all fits in the chin i thought “well why don’t they just make little tiny computers that you don’t have to sit down to use and you can use all the time?” And i suddenly realized thats what I’m watching this on-
Gregory Starr
Gregory Starr Pred 2 dnevi
I love it.... except for that damned chin. How hard would it be to make it a couple millimetters thicker (which you NEVER even see), to just get rid of the chin?
Devon Mori
Devon Mori Pred 3 dnevi
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Dhawal Nagardhankar
Dhawal Nagardhankar Pred 3 dnevi
The Chin is iconic!!!! They can't get rid of that
SKYRULE-49 Pred 3 dnevi
The only problem is if you order the New imac now you won't get it until 3.5 months. Processing time is Hella long due to covid and popularity!!!
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Pred 3 dnevi
Love how you dont include ads
Ali Al-Qasim
Ali Al-Qasim Pred 3 dnevi
I do not like it.
ZuriWeb: macOS Menu Bar Web Browser
ZuriWeb: macOS Menu Bar Web Browser Pred 4 dnevi
Hopefully the next version will have a bigger screen and no chin. Still a great computer!
Saman Asia
Saman Asia Pred 4 dnevi
"her" vibes
Vaxene Vaxene
Vaxene Vaxene Pred 4 dnevi
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SANAL .K Pred 4 dnevi
No cpu unit..
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Pred 4 dnevi
I'll be getting the yellow version. I like cheerful colors, light computers, desktop but not too big, good camera, speed, thunderbolt.
TheBeastBoy Gaming
TheBeastBoy Gaming Pred 4 dnevi
Wait! It has headphone jack? How regressive!!😂😂😂😂
Jordan Gloria
Jordan Gloria Pred 4 dnevi
Funny part is I like the chin. It’s like apples signature. Looks like a apple computer 🖥 and that’s what I want.
Sidney da Silva
Sidney da Silva Pred 5 dnevi
You really have hard feelings on Apple….seems like u r talking about an ex
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Pred 4 dnevi
Weird choosing of design
Ash Shukla
Ash Shukla Pred 5 dnevi
Can we use the iMac as a monitor? Like to connect the PS and a Windows Laptop etc.?
Jon Wilson
Jon Wilson Pred 5 dnevi
really not sure why anyone would get a computer in South Africa right now. We currently have power cuts all the time so.... Battery (Laptop) all the way..
Felipe Jimenez
Felipe Jimenez Pred 5 dnevi
Awesome computer. Love it
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Pred 4 dnevi
Thinner = less material. Less material = cheaper manufacturing costs. Cheaper manufacturing costs = more profits.
Wowz Channel Indonesia
Wowz Channel Indonesia Pred 5 dnevi
20syl intro track is very mkbhd
Abhay Mhatre
Abhay Mhatre Pred 5 dnevi
Apple products - Good , Powerful but Expensive and make you spend more money on other things.
Akos Simon
Akos Simon Pred 5 dnevi
iPad Mark "5" ?
Naveen4a GP
Naveen4a GP Pred 5 dnevi
What's the point in keeping that bigger chin at the bottom?
Omar Miranda
Omar Miranda Pred 5 dnevi
Without the chins it won't be an iMac anymore, the chin makes it recognizable than other models.
Ross With No Sauce
Ross With No Sauce Pred 2 dnevi
And as someone with a small ass desk, i much prefer the slim feel so i can actually, yk... FIT STUFF ON IT 😭🤣
ali ali
ali ali Pred 5 dnevi
this would've been sooooooooo good if it had no chin and black bezels.
courtney clarke
courtney clarke Pred 5 dnevi
is the keyboard for sale alone, I would like to get one for my new Mac mini .
Dabaydestrian Pred 5 dnevi
I'm waiting for the 27 inch version
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Pred 5 dnevi
The design does look does the way I think. After all, it was a stunning, honest review! Really appreciate it!
cj wins
cj wins Pred 5 dnevi
It’s slim 🙃
Karla Viveros Medina
Karla Viveros Medina Pred 6 dnevi
Love the chin. Love the white vessels. Love the colors.
مصطفى البديري
مصطفى البديري Pred 6 dnevi
Weird choosing of design
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Pred 5 dnevi
kitchens etc. It doesn’t have to be hidden away in an office.
Rodrigo Mafra
Rodrigo Mafra Pred 6 dnevi
It’s sobering to watch an intelligent man speak thougtfiylly
Muhammad Nasri
Muhammad Nasri Pred 6 dnevi
Yeah. It is the new Ipad Pro XL with stand.
Pappa Piccolino
Pappa Piccolino Pred 6 dnevi
Thinner = less material. Less material = cheaper manufacturing costs. Cheaper manufacturing costs = more profits.
Junior Elizondo
Junior Elizondo Pred 6 dnevi
I'm guessing I'm the only one here who thinks this is stupidly fucking expensive for what it is.... its not that great and if you want 1tb and 16g you literally have to pay $2000!! In what fucking world is this good!?!?
Young but Retro
Young but Retro Pred 5 dnevi
Maybe because the screen is colour accurate and 4.5K?
ADE S. Pred 6 dnevi
Brilliant review 👏🏾
mafia_6233 Pred 6 dnevi
ABE Marques BĆ
Oybek Makhmudov
Oybek Makhmudov Pred 6 dnevi
This iMac’s chin is good for sticky notes to cheat on exams especially if your exam is monitored through a web camera. I strongly disagree with your statement that the screen should be a bit thicker. Thinner versions look more esthetic.
Loren Schwiderski
Loren Schwiderski Pred 6 dnevi
Base model has one fan, if heat makes a difference in your work load. One fan is less performance and more noise, as it spins up more and runs fast. Just something to consider on the base model -- will this be a deal breaker, with the need to go up a grade? Perhaps so!
Ash Fields
Ash Fields Pred 7 dnevi
Pause the video at 5:11 and you will see EXACTLY why they went for white bezels.
Trevor Smith
Trevor Smith Pred 7 dnevi
Apple refreshing same old crap with new colours. lipstick on a pig
fery hidayat
fery hidayat Pred 7 dnevi
That chin made for sticky notes
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Pred 7 dnevi
kitchens etc. It doesn’t have to be hidden away in an office.
jezusmylord Pred 7 dnevi
thats a gloryfied ipad.
Aryan Pred 7 dnevi
Old Mac look more good then this one . New one look like cheap windows Desktop .
Screen Apple
Screen Apple Pred 7 dnevi
Do people know iMac 2019 runs faster than M1? M1 is kind of like a smaller board imac. What's the difference between 2019 iMac and M1? 2019 is a much faster intel i7 M1. I'm not joking. I did 3d Animations. 2019 is too fast for 2021 models.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Pred 7 dnevi
First off can we admire that he has the Off-Season showing on Spotify!
SolarMoth Pred 7 dnevi
Sh3LaLa Pred 7 dnevi
Agreed. No chin.
Igor Cojocaru
Igor Cojocaru Pred 7 dnevi
Hey I got a question about charger of the newest iMac, will the power brick from the top iMac with the LAN port work on the iMac without LAN port, as an overtime upgrade, will it be possible to use the lan port on the cheap iMac?
Swapna Musirigalla
Swapna Musirigalla Pred 8 dnevi
Fan of mrwhosetheboss
OldCountryman Pred 8 dnevi
I don't need my desktop computer to be thin. It sits on a desk. I'd prefer being able to open the case and add SSD or RAM.
Nilay Ojha
Nilay Ojha Pred 8 dnevi
Open Fleecing i say… not worth a cent of your money
Max Latour
Max Latour Pred 8 dnevi
I don’t like it. It looks like a HP
Dhaniyal Hameed
Dhaniyal Hameed Pred 8 dnevi
Asylum Rain
Asylum Rain Pred 8 dnevi
Can I plug a piano into this iMac? It seems to only have the iPhone outputs and not any actual usb or thunderbolt outputs.
Sebastos 156
Sebastos 156 Pred 8 dnevi
For some reason that was the classiest pc review I’ve watched.
Borderlands808 Pred 8 dnevi
Should I get this or wait for the M2 model?
Jason Edminster
Jason Edminster Pred 8 dnevi
great point about the depth, that is rough 4 usb-c ports ouch, apple always trying to blind us with their screens I don't get it, makes me wonder what you would recommend for a computer, my imac is going on 9 years i love it, but this doesn't seem ideal
Rust Pred 8 dnevi
Would minecraft mods and optifine work on this mac?
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Pred 8 dnevi
First off can we admire that he has the Off-Season showing on Spotify!
Rizalina Gatchalian
Rizalina Gatchalian Pred 8 dnevi
what is your thoughts about the "project starline" from google?
tgdtown Pred 8 dnevi
YO, Killer Intro!!!
It's just me
It's just me Pred 8 dnevi
I'd rather have the computer parts make it thicker on the back, than have that ugly beard
AskIve Solar
AskIve Solar Pred 9 dnevi
All I Could Think when I first started watching: Keep it thicker and GET RID OF THAT CHIN. **update** great minds haha
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Pred 8 dnevi
Donavan Mitchell
Sultan Baghiz
Sultan Baghiz Pred 9 dnevi
I hate how it doesnt come with a black front 😭 i know this is somewhat of a throwback, but damn would it look sleek with a black front
Olumide Ogunseye (Olumide Gabriel)
Olumide Ogunseye (Olumide Gabriel) Pred 9 dnevi
I don't like the chin at all
Pursey Productions
Pursey Productions Pred 9 dnevi
I love it! I want it, but I don’t want to buy it and then an iMac Pro comes out and should of got that instead! 😅
Ernest Rogers
Ernest Rogers Pred 9 dnevi
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Masi Karimi
Masi Karimi Pred 9 dnevi
The design does look does the way I think. After all, it was a stunning, honest review! Really appreciate it!
GamingGamer01 Pred 9 dnevi
Am I the only one who doesn't really like the design? Idk why but it just looks a little bit generic to me. I get that they want to go for a slim design, and there's nothing wrong with that, but they way it looks is a bit off to me. Take the old iMac design for example. That design, while quite thick and bulky, was pretty iconic and very recognisable. But to me the new one just looks like a standard AIO PC, and that sucks because I really wanted to like this thing. Maybe it'll grow on me, and I sure as hell hope it does.
ciaraspb Pred 9 dnevi
The new design is a fail
Sameera  sampath
Sameera sampath Pred 9 dnevi
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Pred 9 dnevi
usb so I can connect my actual webcam smh
A- JEY Pred 9 dnevi
No it's nice , it should stay
Liliana Estrada
Liliana Estrada Pred 9 dnevi
I wish my MacBook Pro has a nice colorful design to it I like color
Kristi Tirado
Kristi Tirado Pred 9 dnevi
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Gee Lamont
Gee Lamont Pred 10 dnevi
Donavan Mitchell
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Pred 9 dnevi
You are my review Guru sir.
Philip Argo
Philip Argo Pred 10 dnevi
When he said black bezels, Ram Jam's Black Betty sounded in my mind with the words replaced by black bezels. Jamalam.
Mission JEE 2023
Mission JEE 2023 Pred 10 dnevi
Korey G
Korey G Pred 10 dnevi
Just bought it today and it’s pretty good. Didn’t know it only had two ports and weren’t regular USB ports until I got home so I have to purchase the single that adds lightning into usb so I can connect my actual webcam smh
sundaemundane Pred 10 dnevi
Is imac good enough for gaming like Uncharted??
Fntm Pred 10 dnevi
Did anynone think about the fact that the iPads are basically identical to the new iMacs because they have the same hardware inside and they are way slimmer and better looking? All Apple needed to do is to make a big 24 inch iPad with MacOS, maybe make it just a little bit thiccer for the fans and better speakers. Thats it. Perfect design for free. Hire me Apple.
smexigumby Pred 10 dnevi
if i have a macbook pro with the touchbar, are there any ways i can extend my display to this imac?
Ali Rabbani
Ali Rabbani Pred 10 dnevi
it hurts how much your arguments make sense. the chin situation hurts. i would have bought that chinless version no questions asked
robotomo Pred 10 dnevi
I actually really like the design of this. Right now I'm using the 2004 cinema display with my windows pc, it is such a good monitor, especially for it's age!
KI HAAL? Pred 10 dnevi
this is pc killer, wait and watch, soon microsoft have to release windows 11. Best thing ever in tech industry.
Roman Cotton
Roman Cotton Pred 6 dnevi
lol sure man
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