OnePlus 9 Review: Sneaky Value!

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Marques Brownlee

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OnePlus 9 is actually sneaky good value right now 👀
OnePlus 9 Pro Review:

Also, correction: The rails of the OnePlus 9 are plastic, the back is glass (that feels quite bad). No metal. On S21 the back is plastic, and the rails are metal. No glass.

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Phone provided by OnePlus for review.


Frankie_is_broke Pred 47 minutami
The back is actually glass, as far as I'm aware. I find it perplexing, however, that they cheap out on the frame instead of the back; that strategy didn't go well for the Nord.
rock roll
rock roll Pred 15 urami
I am asking honestly, can someone tell me y ull spend more than 200 dlls on a phone?. I only use my phone for utube, signal, and browsing news. can u tell me what else u use ur phone for?. Once more I am asking with no sarcasm or trying to offend anyone, please help an older brother here.
André 25
André 25 Pred 23 urami
The most important question is: Are the cameras better than last year flagship, OnePlus 8 Pro 🤔??
Jose Reyes
Jose Reyes Pred dnevom
Still using the 8. If I can be honest here. This is my first OnePlus phone. I've been wanting one for years. Overall it's basically what people have raved about. In my experience I think the cameras are good. Notice I said good. Not great, not amazing, but good. In good lighting and in slightly lower light, you're in that ball park. I think they still need to improve it. But it's not a deal breaker. Usually with my androids I notice lag and performance issues after a year. Not major but like a stutter, an inconvenience. Nothing like early days. The It's like Samsung and Pixel got together. Customizable while still being light and fast. Quick updates.
Matt Rizzo
Matt Rizzo Pred dnevom
Thanks for the video just got the oneplus9 5G mist
Mrinmoy Kashyap
Mrinmoy Kashyap Pred dnevom
Zero Talent Brownlee 👍🏻
Pisko Skillings
Pisko Skillings Pred 2 dnevi
Charging issues from the start. Now dead phone :( I got the OnePlus Nord 5G in Feb of 2021. I had previously owned a Oneplus2, which served me great, but it was time to replace it and I wanted to continue with the OnePlus brand and saw great reviews online about this phone. When I got it I noticed a few problems when charging, one of them being that the phone would only charge when the screen was active, if the screen was off/inactive the phone would turn off and not charge. So I had to make sure the screen was lit when I charged it and keep an eye on it to make sure it was. Also, whenever I plugged in the charger, the headphones-icon came up as if I had headphones plugged into the phone, so it wouldn't ring or reproduce any sounds while charging... I tried different things from online searches, like turning off the 'Optimized Charging' feature, and even contacted OPsupport who suggested I do a Factory Reset in case one of my apps had some malware/virus causing the problem. Nothing worked. After a couple of weeks the phone was harder to charge, sometimes I would plug it in and it wouldn't charge at all, I had to plug and unplug several times until I was sure it was charging. And of course I could never let it run out of battery, because if the phone is off it wont charge. I let the battery drain once and spent 3 days plugging and unplugging and using different C-type cables until one day it charged 1% and I was able to turn it on quickly and "do the thing" to have it charge. Finally, on June 12th, I went to charge the phone and a message came up saying there was debris or humidity in the USB port and a "safety feature" wont allow it to charge for this reason. Obviously I cleaned the USB port and the cable, and tried using different chargers but nothing happened. The phone finally died, and now I don't have a phone.. I will be sending the phone for a repair, but the website says if there's damage due to humidity or debris, I will have to pay for the repair and will not be covered under guarantee. Anyone cares to guess what the OPsupport will say when they read "there is humidity or debris on the USB port"? .. yeah.. I can 100% guarantee I have not dropped my phone or put it anywhere where humidity or debris will get into it, and I have used an air blower to make sure its clean and clear of debris, nothing the naked eye can see in the USB port, and as I said the cable works fine with other phones. This "humidity or debris" message just seems like the kind of message a company would program to show up on a device to avoid having to replace their products under guarantee. If OnePlus fixes my problem when I'm able to ship it to them in July (as im not in the US atm) I will be sure to let you guys know how it goes and if I am wrong to assume they will not fix or repair my phone under guarantee. I will apologize and give 5 stars and be back to loving this company. Stay tuned. If anyone else is having this problem please let me know if there is something else I can do I have not tried. ***I posted this comment in the OP Community website and got CENSORED by OnePlus! What does this tell you?***
Bjarke Hem Strand
Bjarke Hem Strand Pred 2 dnevi
Will you be doing a review of the Zenfone 8?
JW Pred 3 dnevi
Just picked one of these up after my 6T had a tragic work related accident lol. So far I'm enjoying it and it feels like a solid upgrade. It's actually a bit over kill for my use case but hopefully it will get to live the life my 6T didn't lol.
Kinley Yoezer
Kinley Yoezer Pred 5 dnevi
You should see OnePlus 9R Best build quality overall Everything similar to 9 and 9 pro No hasselbald camera Base price is $547
Rohit Mali
Rohit Mali Pred 5 dnevi
Samsung doesn’t offer snapdragon 888 other than US and China.
StackPhy Pred 10 dnevi
Damn that intro
Marco Cruz
Marco Cruz Pred 13 dnevi
Safe to say I'll be keeping my OP 8 til next year.
Marco Cruz
Marco Cruz Pred 8 dnevi
@JasonGuitarHand another phone I'm looking at is the Oppo Reno 5 Pro. Looks like it's pretty much the OP 8 except it has ColorOS, 256 gb, 12 gb RAM. Oppo and OnePlus have the same parent company.
Marco Cruz
Marco Cruz Pred 9 dnevi
@JasonGuitarHand and yes.
Marco Cruz
Marco Cruz Pred 9 dnevi
@JasonGuitarHand i love OnePlus 8 and I don't plan on upgrading. But I do regret not going for the Pro initially. This is my first OP, i switched from iPhone.
JasonGuitarHand Pred 9 dnevi
@Marco Cruz would you suggest that the 8Pro is a better value than the 9? Performance, good battery and a great camera is what I'm looking for tbh. I don't mind going for the 8 Pro since I genuinely don't think there will be such a big leap in performance or specs. Thoughts?
Marco Cruz
Marco Cruz Pred 9 dnevi
@JasonGuitarHand honestly, if you don't mind the larger size, the oneplus 8 pro is where it's at. Better camera, 1440p display, 120 hz, 256 gb ROM. And cheaper than the regular 9.
Marco Cruz
Marco Cruz Pred 13 dnevi
Where do they sell the 256 GB variant?? It's not on their website.
Marco Cruz
Marco Cruz Pred 13 dnevi
OxygenOS supremacy 😤
Brad Coffee
Brad Coffee Pred 13 dnevi
I like how Marques goes and says, ???, ??? About the mono camera, I'm like where's the headphone jack and what about the screen mirror not working on my TV, no gorilla glass back ???, ??? Overall, love the video, bought OnePlus 9 in winter mist, right after my LG G8 just got paid off 📴, LG G8 was having trouble charging right, the port, if my LG G8 didn't messed up, I'd wait for Google Pixel 6, but OnePlus 9 is a great phone, better software and updates, better charging, but only slightly better camera's, OnePlus 9 needs a update to fix screen mirror, next OnePlus phone, have gorilla glass back and front, a headphone jack, keep water resistant and solid updates, overall, happy with the phone!
ShibeArmy Pred 14 dnevi
I almost pulled my trigger for buying this phone, then realize this phone doesn't have OIS....
Sazal Alam
Sazal Alam Pred 14 dnevi
Did anyone here buy this phone? Did, not having the OIS impact you in anyway? And did you get any heating issues for the 888 chip?
Sazal Alam
Sazal Alam Pred 9 dnevi
@Liron Jaden Samuels yup i bought mine two days ago. To be honest i think it depends on what you need. I wanted a snappy phone and got it lol. Camera isnt that important to me. And with the heating issues the phone does heat up a little when i tried 8k videos but then again i probably wont be doing 8k recordings. I dont game on my phone either so far didnt face any heating issues in daily use.
Liron Jaden Samuels
Liron Jaden Samuels Pred 9 dnevi
ive seen some reviewers say the ois doesnt have much affect on the video stabilization and the heating seems to have been fixed or atleast what the people are saying in the oneplus forums
Pratik Goenka
Pratik Goenka Pred 16 dnevi
You are finding so hard to recommend this phone
RSK Nani
RSK Nani Pred 18 dnevi
In Indian version have wireless support
siva vetrivel
siva vetrivel Pred 19 dnevi
It doesn't have OIS but 9r does why didn't you mention it!! 🤔🤔🤔
Liron Jaden Samuels
Liron Jaden Samuels Pred 9 dnevi
the oneplus 9r doesnt exist in the uk or the us
Santiago Lozano
Santiago Lozano Pred 20 dnevi
Marques make's it sound like it is plastic back but it is glass
Sambhav Kanulla
Sambhav Kanulla Pred 22 dnevi
Have been using OnePlus5 since 2017 till now. Amazing phone. Time for a switch to a new one. No option in OnePlus. Amazon reviews say this phone overheats and drains battery. Extremely trusted. Terribly disappointed. Can do with below exceptions: B/W Camera, wireless charging. Just want that Performance man.
Sri Kalyan
Sri Kalyan Pred 22 dnevi
Awaiting review on Zenfone 8 please
Jung E.
Jung E. Pred 22 dnevi
That camera is a deal breaker
Roxxy Pred 22 dnevi
I love OnePlus but I had the same expression when I saw the 2MP black and white camera. "Why?"
M Gapps
M Gapps Pred 24 dnevi
These dudes are going to start nitpicking the most miniscule indiscretions on future phones ,good luck 😂
mahin Uchiha
mahin Uchiha Pred 24 dnevi
Plastic 🤮🤮
SMH Pred 25 dnevi
Can you do the oneplus 9r
QchenJunge Pred 26 dnevi
a quick question: should i wait for the google pixel 6? because of new chip. or is the oneplus 9/9 pro a better choice?
Hari Pred 23 dnevi
Oneplus 9 pro is good! But I rather you use the money and buy s21 ultra or poco f3!
Saif Syed Mohammad
Saif Syed Mohammad Pred 26 dnevi
Hi, MKBHD, Can you please also comment on planned obsolescence by OnePlus. It is unethical. After update my OnePlus Nord got slower most likely because they are planning Nord 2. My older OnePlus is almost unusable because software updates have made them significantly slower and almost like laggy . Your comment will be very useful for us MKBHD !
איליה טוצ'יוני
איליה טוצ'יוני Pred 26 dnevi
i have the One Plus 5T and i want to upgrade it... what would you recommend buying OP 8 pro or OP 9?
Moinul Hasan
Moinul Hasan Pred 15 dnevi
@איליה טוצ'יוני oh ok
איליה טוצ'יוני
איליה טוצ'יוני Pred 15 dnevi
@Moinul Hasan bought the 9 because the 8 pro was out of stock... and my old phone died...
Moinul Hasan
Moinul Hasan Pred 15 dnevi
8 pro
Sanjay Kumar Dadhich
Sanjay Kumar Dadhich Pred 27 dnevi
Is One Plus 9R worth it can anyone suggest?
Inzamam Iqbal
Inzamam Iqbal Pred 27 dnevi
b&w camera is literally useless... may be they should have spend the extra money on the haptics..
Zainal Fitri
Zainal Fitri Pred 27 dnevi
chinese company loves macro camera, b/w camera, depth camera....hahahahaha
Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor Pred 29 dnevi
No OIS and your worried about plastic and a b&w camera? Brutal deal breaker for me.
Syed moin
Syed moin Pred mesecem
i read in a user of oneplus 9 that the phone is getting hot upon usage ?
Abu Salem
Abu Salem Pred mesecem
Good job, boy
Rafael valentin
Rafael valentin Pred mesecem
The profuse duckling perceptually analyse because morocco partially snore about a faint fair bun. unsuitable, flawless game
Elton Machado
Elton Machado Pred mesecem
I've been using OnePlus 9 Pro(128GB) for over 5 weeks and have been having issues with phone crashes and screen freezes. The screen freezes randomly while I'm using an app (can be any app like Instagram or Chrome) and sometimes it freezes at the lock screen when I'm trying to unlock it via fingerprint - the fingerprint scanner lights up and freezes. The only way out is to hard reboot the phone. Sometimes the phone reboots itself while I'm using it and (weird enough) sometimes while I'm not even using it. It's frustrating because I got this phone no more than 5 weeks ago.
Nikunj Khaitan
Nikunj Khaitan Pred mesecem
Which is better? One plus 8 pro or One plus 9?
Muhammad Raza
Muhammad Raza Pred mesecem
Should I get Oneplus 8 pro or Oneplus 9?
Afyzajam Vlog
Afyzajam Vlog Pred mesecem
bro marques, can you make a review for asus zenfone 8? support from Malaysia
Michael G
Michael G Pred mesecem
I still have my AMAZING OnePlus 6, and it's working optimal still. Only annoying thing is that it doesnt fast charge anymore, aside from that works great. I guess I can wait another year to switch
CJ Tabunda III
CJ Tabunda III Pred mesecem
Watching this video on my new OnePlus 9 😁
Osama SaM
Osama SaM Pred 15 dnevi
and how is it ? did you face any problems with it ? i just wanna buy it but i'm afraid its a bad deal
Jared Daling
Jared Daling Pred mesecem
looking forward to the 9t, but I think I'm going to get the 8t to replace my old moto g5 plus
ALING BB Pred mesecem
Zenfone 8 600$ with SD 888.
LOG DON GAMING Pred 24 dnevi
But zen ui is worst
divij joshi
divij joshi Pred mesecem
Instead of 2mp black and white they should have given OIS on the main camera!!! They could have even skipped 15W wireless charging coz u get 65W adapter in box and it blazingly fast.
Person Man Man
Person Man Man Pred mesecem
The black and white camera is a deal braker to me, WHY indeed, bad move from One Plus
Ragon Flyi
Ragon Flyi Pred mesecem
I would buy 8pro instead of 9. 1+8pro is 1 gen behind but ahead of many important smartphone factors for lot less price.
Adam Macias - Tech Reviews
Adam Macias - Tech Reviews Pred mesecem
OnePlus is honestly the only Android I care to use over an iPhone.
Niloy Pred mesecem
I'd chose k40 pro over this
Cherry Bomb
Cherry Bomb Pred mesecem
Is the 8T better than the 9? Like not just price wise
Oliver Spurgeon
Oliver Spurgeon Pred mesecem
Can you make a video of OnePlus 9 Pro or 9 after the camera and software updates? If it has got any better or sth?
Koushik Aithal
Koushik Aithal Pred mesecem
*PLEASE DONT BUY ONEPLUS PHONES THEY ARE HIGHLY UNRELIABLE* I owned a OnePlus 6 it was really a great phone for almost 2.5 years it dint had any issues or lag, after 2.5 years my phone suddenly went to crash dump mode and it was dead. Sent it to service center and they asked me to replace it's motherboard for the price of Rs-24,056/- after this incident I lost hope on OnePlus phone and it's OS, I feel after paying such a premium amout, phone must at least come for 4 o 5 years and I am not a heavy gamer or I had not rooted my phone to have such a bad experience.
Reader Everheart
Reader Everheart Pred mesecem
Kya pre booking main ear buds mile?
Amol Sharma
Amol Sharma Pred mesecem
No OIS, even Nord has that...
Enba B
Enba B Pred mesecem
Oneplus 9R Unboxing
Scott Tran
Scott Tran Pred mesecem
Also doesn't have optical image stabilization OIS
David Martrano
David Martrano Pred mesecem
A 2 mega pickle macro, what, huh? How many people are actually gonna 🤔use it? Black & white photos? NAH! I like living color!
toni lego
toni lego Pred mesecem
his hand is so huge its making the phone look small
Neeraj Sorout
Neeraj Sorout Pred mesecem
Does it hv plastic body?
MrSpice Pred mesecem
Great review...very indepth! This was like reading the manual but more fun :) Do people even read manuals anymore Great job on your video :)
Robert Mänty
Robert Mänty Pred mesecem
I think OnePlus has lost their edge and now is just another Samsung or Apple wannabe. Even though I would not choose Samsung in normal life. That camera setup makes the OnePlus loose out and I would go for the Samsung between the two because of the real telefoto.
Bruno_toxic Pred mesecem
Which do I get Xiaomi mi 11 or op9 cause mi 11 hast better screen and touch response rate and better Main cam but for me op9 is cheaper and it has better zoom and ultrawide.
Piyush Saraswat
Piyush Saraswat Pred mesecem
OnePlus 8pro or OnePlus 9. Which one is better?
Trevor Pred mesecem
Why are there chapters in the 9 Pro vs the 9 videos?
hype slayer
hype slayer Pred mesecem
no OIS, no laser AF...NOT FOR ME! kudos!
Victor QuyUy
Victor QuyUy Pred mesecem
Too settled. Not a OP :)
CK NorthPole
CK NorthPole Pred mesecem
I've had my OP 9 since Tuesday and I had no idea that it was plastic on the sides and the back. Thought it was metal and glass^^
Praneetha Moturi
Praneetha Moturi Pred mesecem
Between Oneplus 8 Pro and Oneplus 9, which one is better?
Praneetha Moturi
Praneetha Moturi Pred mesecem
@12E29 Balakavi could you please elaborate ? Confused regarding what to buy
12E29 Balakavi
12E29 Balakavi Pred mesecem
OnePlus 9
Mustafa Faisal
Mustafa Faisal Pred mesecem
One plus 9 has a glass back
james montgomery
james montgomery Pred mesecem
Keep up the great work, very informative as always.
Cozy Shaq
Cozy Shaq Pred mesecem
Watching this on my OnePkus 6T. Still a powerful phone.
Christina Pred mesecem
I always watch your reviews on OnePlus before buying the newest ones. Just wondering why you don't ever seem to mention the locked screen gestures. Does the 9 not have them?
Dan Pred mesecem
I'm so glad this phone doesn't have curved glass.
hans dampf
hans dampf Pred mesecem
Is it just me or are iPhones becoming more like affordable flagships in comparison. The 12 mini for example does have the flagship setup plus a long term software and update support. Still huawei, oppo, oneplus etc. flagships are way more expensive. Why is that ?
hmezzy Pred mesecem
which is better op 8 pro or op 9? now that op 9 pro prices have dropped. please let me know what y'all think.
Yatindra Manas
Yatindra Manas Pred mesecem
Honestly, I was a OnePlus fanboy til last year! But in the past one year, my OnePlus 6T has given me so many problems which I don't expect from a flagship, even after 2 years of use! My current opinion about OnePlus is bad! I'm going out of options, so Samsung automatically becomes my first choice in the absence of OnePlus!
Prathamesh Halade
Prathamesh Halade Pred mesecem
S21 would have been better if it had snapdragon in India. I purchased 8T, it’s good, but I would have preferred the S20 FE if it had snapdragon 865. Now Samsung suddenly felt need to throw the snapdragon version in the Indian market, but it’s too late for me now!
ShyguyisRyguy Pred mesecem
found the intro part. the song is Nimble Dimble by 20syl
Bhavuk Arora
Bhavuk Arora Pred mesecem
Thanks bro
Bhavuk Arora
Bhavuk Arora Pred mesecem
Bhavuk Arora
Bhavuk Arora Pred mesecem
Software is amazing
Bhavuk Arora
Bhavuk Arora Pred mesecem
Great review
Bhavuk Arora
Bhavuk Arora Pred mesecem
Marques is king of all SLus reviewer
Rookie Flix
Rookie Flix Pred mesecem
Can we take photos underwater?
Cool Legend
Cool Legend Pred mesecem
@Marques & Team Using the camera robot for all the amazing intros?!?
Mateus Fernandes
Mateus Fernandes Pred mesecem
Wasnt it supposed to not have an OiS and u just didnt talk about it or am I wrong?
Adonice Pred mesecem
Would you recommend the op 9 i got a p20 pro and want a upgrade cause my battery is death^^
mad3st Pred mesecem
How we had 400eur metal frame and matt glass phone with Oneplus 6 and we cant get back to that quality anymore. Looking for upgrade but I guess have to skip another gen again.
Patrick Murphy
Patrick Murphy Pred mesecem
Does anyone know where you can actually find an S21 for ~$700??
Affiliate Marketing Style
Affiliate Marketing Style Pred mesecem
Findet Ihr diesen Kanal auch so klasse wie ich? 🤝 Übrigens, ich hab auch so einen Kanal. Ob der auch mal so gut wird?
Victor Krivor
Victor Krivor Pred mesecem
Martin Leonhart
Martin Leonhart Pred mesecem
OP9 looks ugly and cheap. Like a 250-300$ phone.
M K Pred mesecem
Please do a review of Poco F3/ Redmi K40
Darksting Pred mesecem
great review , so question , i have a one plus 7 pro 5g (sprint variant) i know weird, do you think the one plus 9 would be a decent upgrade?
Darksting Pred mesecem
@Anton Helsgaun The deep insight in your answer is truly breathtaking.
Anton Helsgaun
Anton Helsgaun Pred mesecem
Baddas Bitch
Baddas Bitch Pred mesecem
Marques: 2 megapixel black and white camera? But wuY? Me: _Monke_
Langga Speaks Podcast
Langga Speaks Podcast Pred mesecem
It's the Earthworks Icon USB at 7:14 that got our attention here! HAHA
Brian Davis
Brian Davis Pred mesecem
I own and love this phone. I have to say that this review is right on the money. The camera is solid and clear, but not up to Galaxy levels of quality. Also, it will never be as striking as my Note 9; however, a nice case allows me to overlook that sad fact. On the flip side, the charger and responsiveness with this phone are out of this world. I am thoroughly enjoying it two weeks into my ownership
Tom Stevens
Tom Stevens Pred mesecem
You don't want an S Pen?
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