Retro Tech: Smart Homes

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Marques Brownlee

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In this episode I’m looking at smart home technology. From remote controls to the Clapper, we’ll find out where it began and where it’s headed. I’m also joined by none other than Bill Gates about how climate change and optimizing energy usage play a part in revolutionizing our homes.

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Mr.President Pred 2 dnevi
Man talking to Bill Gates on an Apple Laptop
BR23 Pred 2 dnevi
my dad was one of the original developers of X -10, my entire house was motion or voice activated, i never hit a light switch until i was 5 years old
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells Pred 2 dnevi
We are getting closer for that thing to happen
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells Pred 2 dnevi
Yeah they should make something smarter and convenient so people can used things easier and your right we are getting closer
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells Pred 2 dnevi
This radio looks simple
tricky Pred 4 dnevi
17:49 oh no Marques. Talking to Bill in MacOS
Wesley Marilio
Wesley Marilio Pred 5 dnevi
I am obsessed’ed with these series!!!!!
Ese Ukey
Ese Ukey Pred 7 dnevi
The one button that helps you multitask. 😁
Desharr Saddler
Desharr Saddler Pred 8 dnevi
Anybody notice the video splicing at 13:08, look at the cord lol
Akshith Grade 9
Akshith Grade 9 Pred 9 dnevi
The 1995 remote locator is Nope to me. Cuz imagine losing the Locator itself, there's no point.
ross bennett
ross bennett Pred 9 dnevi
12:19 that small box would be perfect today.
Day •
Day • Pred 12 dnevi
@:7:30 I’m gonna buy one of those TVs for my future kids. Good start
Day •
Day • Pred 12 dnevi
Anyone else find it interesting that the commercials in the beginning was showcased amongst many women?
Day •
Day • Pred 12 dnevi
“CUUUTE! It looks like a space helmet” 😭🤣🤣
Mango Pred 12 dnevi
Plz can we have a new Retro tech episode these are really entertaining
Pondi Moreochoenyo
Pondi Moreochoenyo Pred 14 dnevi
The segway at the very end from the current video to the wearable tech video, just by gesture, suggestive language strategically followed by the SLus pop up by Marques, is the well thought out content execution I'm here for 🙌🏾. Enjoying your content from South Africa 🇿🇦.
George Uzzle
George Uzzle Pred 16 dnevi
9:30 Was that high pitched noise added or was that actually the tv doing it?
Siddharth Kumar
Siddharth Kumar Pred 18 dnevi
Let's remember the 80's *Marques returns from school drops his bag and checks the time on apple watch on his wrist*
Dominic Odisho
Dominic Odisho Pred 18 dnevi
My neighbors had the clapper and the lights kept going off and on.
Gautam Verma
Gautam Verma Pred 19 dnevi
How you gonna call Bill Gates on a Mac lol
Andrew Deeshan
Andrew Deeshan Pred 22 dnevi
Love this retro tech series, hope this series continues until our current tech becomes “80’s” tech hahahaha
Usamah Jacobs
Usamah Jacobs Pred 23 dnevi
"bill gates, the environmentalist and philanthropist" lmao 😭
Trevor Pred 23 dnevi
Lol 5:13 and now we’re drowning on our phone with FB walls and Instagram posts, don’t forget SLus videos :)
Ashutosh Y
Ashutosh Y Pred 24 dnevi
2:27 Your Girl when you Clap cheeks so loud the music starts playing 😂
alex smith
alex smith Pred 26 dnevi
The weary carbon nearly pop because algebra cytopathologically shade besides a animated power. flagrant, callous yacht
madhu murugula
madhu murugula Pred 27 dnevi
but for that to happen price also need to come down... at least in one of the things as most of population is middle class or below that economical line. There should be price comedown in real estate or the energy producing tools. even electric vehicles also very pricey at least in my country. but we are in transition period.
Andrew Espinoza
Andrew Espinoza Pred 27 dnevi
The aberrant plate behaviorally multiply because mother-in-law currently glow aside a zealous end. overrated, nappy capricorn
John Webb
John Webb Pred 28 dnevi
The three male commonly pine because group only spill at a even excellent excited peak. deafening, godly dash
Muntasir Mahmud
Muntasir Mahmud Pred 28 dnevi
The fact that his regular video quality is better than the SLus originals is a huge flex.
LOUDBOY ARK Pred 28 dnevi
Yo I'm digging the Jordan 1's from 86 they just fit perfectly in this video 🍻
Taurus Pred 29 dnevi
I feel like it has taken super computer level computing power and hyper complex programming iterated over decades that we just now are getting some useful smart home applications. The ideas were made much earlier but the convenient solutions were so hard to build.
Company TBD
Company TBD Pred 29 dnevi
The sedate egg aditionally disappear because middle finally belong apud a remarkable sock. trashy, sick language
jimrox9000 Pred 29 dnevi
Like that dope or nope has comedians not experts.
8bithuman Pred mesecem
8:40 you missed to place the joke here with turning the lights off with that double clap.
Jem Walker
Jem Walker Pred mesecem
god, I adore Dulcé Sloan
Mikal Brown
Mikal Brown Pred mesecem
How have you never seen the clapper 😂😂 that was everywhere
King Charming
King Charming Pred mesecem
I Saw Ink Smudges on Bill Gates' Left Hand. I Looked It Up. It Seems He Is Indeed Left Handed. Some Things Just Never Change. *High School Flashbacks... lol 😇*
Marouf Nasreddine (Slick)
Marouf Nasreddine (Slick) Pred mesecem
7:22 ayo
DarthTensor Pred mesecem
6:41 A superintelligent robot with a robot
Kilgore Pred mesecem
Historically I'm not a fan of anything SLus Red touches. I was hoping this would be an exception, but it's not. Felt disjointed, surface-level and overproduced.
Brandon Pred mesecem
Bro Sam Morril on MKBHD?! MY morning has been made!
Suman Das
Suman Das Pred mesecem
😍😍😍awesome 😍👌🏻♥️♥️♥️
Lucifer Injustice
Lucifer Injustice Pred mesecem
Wait for a moment when company doesn't recognise that its you and lock out of you from your house
Ku deGrâce
Ku deGrâce Pred mesecem
11:50 "So picture this: young Marques in the early 80's" Marques: ah yes, in my dad's balls
Amy Jackson
Amy Jackson Pred mesecem
The unwritten dentist strikingly call because dugout synchronously move near a hurt truck. holistic, righteous actor
Neha Roy
Neha Roy Pred mesecem
Bruh u could have taken off the Apple watch for the 80s shot . Would have added a tiny 🤌bit of realism 😏😏😏
Andrew Sturgess
Andrew Sturgess Pred mesecem
Bill Gates! Well done Marques.
Dimebag Darren Lowe
Dimebag Darren Lowe Pred mesecem
I like that Boom Box EQ pattern , that will surely bring the BOOM ........ right ?
Tim Duncan
Tim Duncan Pred mesecem
I loved X-10 stuff and used it for several years but the novelty eventually fades. BTW - talking to Bill Gates on your Mac is a power move...
Balraj Pred mesecem
Fun fact Nokia 3310 had a Voice Command Feature...
Jessica “Sassy Gal” Hubbard
Jessica “Sassy Gal” Hubbard Pred mesecem
I remember when I had to download an app and be sent an IR device to hook into it to use my iPad as a remote. I also remember using this software so I could stream movies from my iPad into my Xbox to watch on my TV
Jessica “Sassy Gal” Hubbard
Jessica “Sassy Gal” Hubbard Pred mesecem
I remember the clapper. Lol. Clap on, Clap off! 🤣
psychomuzik Pred mesecem
"Alexa, order me the Clapper"
Garrett Reven
Garrett Reven Pred mesecem
Is there a video like this with a bunch of TODAY'S smart home devices? Just moved in to my first home, and I'd like to modernize it!
Chad Pred mesecem
i think 'ol billy is left handed :P you can see all the ink on his left hand
Marvin Henlock
Marvin Henlock Pred mesecem
You needed a CoVid Compliance Officer to make this? Weak AF.
Family Den
Family Den Pred mesecem
She is so cute and having great sense of humor...
pm. cia
pm. cia Pred mesecem
Lmaoooo call mom
Vanshi Chauhan
Vanshi Chauhan Pred mesecem
No offence but at 7:22 look at the hair in the lady's arm. I'm sorry but I just needed to say that
Siddhartha Shankar Dey
Siddhartha Shankar Dey Pred mesecem
Okay Sir, Hi.... Listen... i have an idea... A shattering Idea.... Glassmorphism Intro Plz......................
Motivate yourself
Motivate yourself Pred mesecem
Love this Try this guys !!!!! : @t
Puchit Hongsawat (Czech)
Puchit Hongsawat (Czech) Pred mesecem
woww youtube did make a good series :D
Zhilv Tan
Zhilv Tan Pred mesecem
In my opinion we really need to tackle the elephant in the room.. privacy. Until its done, I doubt we'll be convincing the mass' adoption.
Brad Loves Black Girls
Brad Loves Black Girls Pred mesecem
I wish Black women could be funny without being loud and outrageous
Travelling Tech
Travelling Tech Pred mesecem
Retro tech videos are not boring to watch
LHSlash Pred mesecem
Gates is so advanced he has just invented a house where his wife disappeared
Spongichu Pred mesecem
I'd like to see an episode about 3d printed food.
RailFanning & Stuff
RailFanning & Stuff Pred mesecem
I live in Toronto and the f**king automated door system on my building is absolute garbage LOL the f**kers just never seem to work and have extreme lag times when they just so happen to somewhat work I miss the good old days when I could push a door open in a quarter of a second no problem instead of waiting 10 seconds for a Computer to acknowledge my presence. Just saying but some of this automation is not for the best.
Blue Chip
Blue Chip Pred mesecem
I could see the person loosing the remote to find the other remote
NAZARBEK HAYDAROV (Football highlights HD)
NAZARBEK HAYDAROV (Football highlights HD) Pred mesecem
Juice wrld' All Girls Are the Same on' My  01:43 ━━━●───── 03:50     ⇆ㅤ◁ㅤ❚❚ㅤ▷ㅤ↻      ılıılıılıılıılıılı  ᴠᴏʟᴜᴍᴇ : ▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▯▯▯
Derrick&6Strings Pred mesecem
That comedian lady was a tad too much
Иона Косуля
Иона Косуля Pred mesecem
19:32 oh sh*t it's Moscow City.
Chanjai Park
Chanjai Park Pred mesecem
17:27 When iPad demonstration wears a Bill Gates voiceover
Ardis Tate
Ardis Tate Pred mesecem
Really enjoyed this video...thanks
I like memes
I like memes Pred mesecem
Dope or nope, huh
Aryan Kumar
Aryan Kumar Pred mesecem
Being an India, him clapping looked messed up xD But I support LGBT
See Jane Go TV
See Jane Go TV Pred mesecem
Should someone tell Bill we have most of that stuff already?? 😬😀
bloobeeblah Pred mesecem
I like how everyone glosses over the 'clacker remote' which would have tied together the clapper intro.
Rey F
Rey F Pred mesecem
She's so unfunny
fram1111 Pred mesecem
Hey, your harsh I've been paralyzed since 1986 & those technologies bundled in the butler in a box, worked better than Alexa in some few cases, but when you can't move your arms let alone hands those devices are life changers, Combine them and you get butler in a box, which allowed me to turn on TV, light, and more with just your voice was awesome. It evolved slowly and now is obsolete. Same with Voice Recognition, Dragon Dictate was a separate unit and now is called Dragon naturally speaking and Voice recognition for Google, Apple, Microsoft still can't touch it for accuracy, and learns by it's mistakes and cloud does not. Ps.. Need to get Dragon again installed, "This was brought to you one click at a time plus word prediction. Hope it's readable. I wrote this before I saw the end please don't rip in to me :-)
Spleetje Pred mesecem
17:33 30°C is a litlle bit warm for a room with no Windows (Microsoft)
Gen Z Techie
Gen Z Techie Pred mesecem
Sam seems so small beside Marques, wow!
Technically Speaking
Technically Speaking Pred mesecem
Wilson Perdomo
Wilson Perdomo Pred mesecem
The clapper is still more responsive than my Google Home. 😂
Ashley Wilder
Ashley Wilder Pred mesecem
😂😂😂😂 agreed.
Alexander test123
Alexander test123 Pred mesecem
What's wrong with Bill's left hand at 19:27? Was he trying to write something on his hand with a a pen? heh
TechTim Pred mesecem
I really like your Retro Tech series !
Extol 4000
Extol 4000 Pred mesecem
Fun fact: The Clapper faded into obscurity as bedroom sexual activities burnt out The Clapper’s functionality. 😌
Bugside almighty
Bugside almighty Pred mesecem
Black girl is great
Brianna Pred mesecem
Brave new world will rise....
Andi Kastner
Andi Kastner Pred mesecem
Can we just make Nebula the new better SLus. so we can leave google pls?
nehemiah bowens
nehemiah bowens Pred mesecem
Bill Gates let go
Afro Billionaires
Afro Billionaires Pred mesecem
OK. It's official. Marques has Bill's personal number. Awesome...
MArEaZi photos
MArEaZi photos Pred mesecem
Dulcé is awesome 🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️
Naeem Chakera
Naeem Chakera Pred mesecem
6:21 Actor: It looks like Alexa didn't start the game Marques: fake laugh (you crazy) 6:30 Actor: this went to space! Marques: fake laugh (Is she really a comedian?)
Joe Exotic
Joe Exotic Pred mesecem
mark ass browny
quammie digital
quammie digital Pred mesecem
Late comment. But you need a Retro Tech on shoes. From L.A. Gear to Nike self lacing shoes. It’ll be your most watched retro tech.
ThreeDaysOfDan Pred mesecem
Smart homes are the diet soda of helping the environment. Oh wow your house has better insulation so you don't have to run the AC . How about YOU DON't run the AC . Here in so cal we lived in a home with no AC for the better part of 15 years and go through the summer just fine by going to the local pool etc. Give things up instead of finding out how to extract more out of the same resources.
Mr. Orr
Mr. Orr Pred mesecem
The moment they say 1995 and I think that was a good year! I was a jr. in High School life was good then Marques says... "Yeah, I was two. I don't remember that year, AT ALL." and all of a sudden I felt like Carl Fredrickson. lol
caivs Pred mesecem
Luke Kraus
Luke Kraus Pred mesecem
I install smart home control systems and it keeps me so interested how the industry just keeps evolving
Rae Peronneau
Rae Peronneau Pred mesecem
It’s frightening that these were all new brilliant ideas during my lifetime. I remember when we had rotary phones and no voicemail thus the concept of waiting by the phone. Lol If you missed the call... you missed it.
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