The Ultimate Gaming Phone!

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Marques Brownlee

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Plug it in TWICE. The Legion Duel 2 is unapologetically gamer.

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Phone provided by Lenovo for review.


ZuuZuu Pred 2 urami
Yes i am a "mobile gamer" and if i have the opportunity to get a gaming phone.. i would take it without thinking twice.. As the games i play.. its usually the game i get hooked on and are somewhat popular names like : PUBG Mobile, League of Legends Wild Rift , Black Desert Mobile etc. that are of a complete different genera but are still good games for casual or competitive since they have a learning curve and good mechanics
Orphan_Slayer69 4
Orphan_Slayer69 4 Pred 2 urami
Ah battery's low 83%
Akkiboy ALLROUDER Pred 5 urami
Mobile name
Somnath Das
Somnath Das Pred 6 urami
This phone is a design fail
[T.E.] Rockeizta
[T.E.] Rockeizta Pred 6 urami
Can't wait to play RPG games on that rig! Genshin, Honkai, Dragon Raja, Perfect World, Asphalt 9, RR3, Asoluto, WR, ML, and sorts! Too much to mention.
Swing Pred 7 urami
Yeah I would definitely buy it, the game I play is league of legends wild rift. It’s on mobile 👍
Rock Star
Rock Star Pred 8 urami
Yes f ya dude I would buy a whole phone speceficly for my peek gaming experience and I am crazy about pubg mobile
Rock Star
Rock Star Pred 9 urami
This phone bruh 👌👌😱😱😱 if I am buying a new phone it's this one sheeeeee
Broken Tooth
Broken Tooth Pred 14 urami
The biggest flex would be to buy this phone as an alarm clock
Ali Fatemi
Ali Fatemi Pred 20 urami
Yeah I am planning to buy a gaming smartphone in about 6 month , I have already 11 pro max but the battery and heat are awful. I play call of duty mobile
The Hyper Gamer
The Hyper Gamer Pred 21 uro
MKBHD: Aw man, battery's low... *plugs it in* *83% battery* 🤨
Aston Bailey-Fong
Aston Bailey-Fong Pred dnevom
Not gonna lie, MKBHD’s looking a bit sus.
Michael mosquera
Michael mosquera Pred 2 dnevi
Can I have one im poor
Ernest Baffour
Ernest Baffour Pred 2 dnevi
Gr8 intro bro
Smart Ocquaye
Smart Ocquaye Pred 2 dnevi
Cool intro
rustakla Pred 2 dnevi
where can i buy this device in the US?
Andreas Susanto
Andreas Susanto Pred 2 dnevi
11:40 is that even real?
Trevon Brown
Trevon Brown Pred 2 dnevi
absolutely trying to get a gaming phone
doggydogg Pred 2 dnevi
ya boi's gotta have em stats for amoung us, you know what I'm sayin... sheeesh a-ha-haa
popular english full movies
popular english full movies Pred 3 dnevi
I love it the best phone ever because I was using the low model of this phone it’s was amazing
DURONTO YT Pred 3 dnevi
18 GIG OF RAM .......even my pc don't have that much ram
kathir ajay
kathir ajay Pred 3 dnevi
Amazing picture quality bro❤️❤️
Shashank Vats
Shashank Vats Pred 3 dnevi
*How can the battery be low at 83% !!!*
Zain Khan
Zain Khan Pred 3 dnevi
Where can I buy this in the US?
Tyler C
Tyler C Pred 3 dnevi
Can't wait to play clash of clans on this
Norman Jackson
Norman Jackson Pred 3 dnevi
you had to ruin it with the thumbnail didint you
You And I
You And I Pred 4 dnevi
how is the battery low with 83%?
Scarycooldude fire
Scarycooldude fire Pred 4 dnevi
Lenovo: our legion phone 2 is the fastest phone in the world Apple: ummm our iphones beat all of the androids
md murad
md murad Pred 4 dnevi
DC gaming
DC gaming Pred 4 dnevi
83% battery .. u say battery low.. u think we guys donkey
⭑⭑⭑★✪ Mr. Ajay ✪★⭑⭑⭑
⭑⭑⭑★✪ Mr. Ajay ✪★⭑⭑⭑ Pred 4 dnevi
poosiehandler Pred 4 dnevi
I don't game on my phone but I do admire the specs on it because then it gives me a very fluid experience with whatever the heck I'm doing. But If I were to have this phone, perhaps I'd consider getting some good mobile games for it
kight wong
kight wong Pred 4 dnevi
Genshin impact
Marvel Blockbuster
Marvel Blockbuster Pred 5 dnevi
I wish that I can own that phone
Rafiq Daniel
Rafiq Daniel Pred 5 dnevi
Asian region really likes gaming phone
suhail    04
suhail 04 Pred 5 dnevi
പൊളിച്ചു മച്ചാനെ 👌
Jeoq Pred 5 dnevi
Jetpack Joyride on 10k FPS
Jeoq Pred 5 dnevi
83% is low lol?
cat cool
cat cool Pred 5 dnevi
5:18 trubo 💀
IRATE Pred 6 dnevi
0:00 to 0:15 🤔 how 83% can be considered as battery low
IRATE Pred 6 dnevi
🤔 how 83% can be considered as battery low
Yehia Mohamed
Yehia Mohamed Pred 6 dnevi
"Battery is low" It's at 83%
GE FEEDBACK ge Pred 6 dnevi
The adhesive trowel expectedly suck because scissors unknowingly prevent via a limping morocco. abusive, damaged july
Sire GamerX 3.0
Sire GamerX 3.0 Pred 7 dnevi
This is cursed But its PERFECT its look like ultimate phone 83=Low battery
Aldrin Mathew Balano
Aldrin Mathew Balano Pred 7 dnevi
I play games on mobile such as, Mobile Legends, Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG Mobile. And I am a competitive player but I'm stuck with phones that are laggy because of lack of money to buy phones like that. If I have that kind of phone I'll show my skills in gaming to everybody.
kozhapakkaran Pred 7 dnevi
Mohammed javid
Mohammed javid Pred 8 dnevi
Hindi mi bolo
Mohammed javid
Mohammed javid Pred 8 dnevi
Indian Bullock guy concept on a yet
Lockdown Gamerz
Lockdown Gamerz Pred 8 dnevi
can't wait to play zooba in this phone .
Alex Laqui
Alex Laqui Pred 8 dnevi
MOBILE LEGENDS here in ASIA is the GAME we play.... And it already has a HUGE pool of players.... It's already being played in SEA Games...
Alex1029p Pred 8 dnevi
J P Pred 9 dnevi
The reason he won at Pubg first time is because mobile Pubg only has really easy AI "players" the first few times you play it and are always present so that you are always guaranteed a % after to feel like you're good at it Every goddamn person in my house won their first game because they're very obviously (and Google confirms it) shit ai purposely designed the same way microtransactions are designed Nice easy cheap purpose first - and then once you're hooked - then comes the big prices or incremental PubG mobile works the exact same way - mega easy and guaranteed win to try and hook you A professional reviewer - or at least that "office gamer" should of known that.
Mohammad Tanzif
Mohammad Tanzif Pred 9 dnevi
Want this phone for PUBG 🥺
Hrishikesh Dabir
Hrishikesh Dabir Pred 9 dnevi
Battery low but its still 83% lol
AndroGeek HomeHub
AndroGeek HomeHub Pred 9 dnevi
I'm surprised u never reviewed the black shark 3 pro. I've got 65W charge and I though that was crazy because it goes 0 to 100% in 50min. But THIS is next level
Jaspreet Toor
Jaspreet Toor Pred 9 dnevi
Where to buy nd price
Shaan Sharma
Shaan Sharma Pred 9 dnevi
He said battery is low and when he charged it was 83 percent😂😂
Jay Climaco
Jay Climaco Pred 9 dnevi
My de
Technology Review
Technology Review Pred 9 dnevi
nice bro..
Ds Pred 9 dnevi
How can you buy
Just Jay 1K
Just Jay 1K Pred 9 dnevi
me be ashamed its better than my laptop
Artistic MG
Artistic MG Pred 9 dnevi
I play pes , can't wait for it's launch in india
combatewingchun Pred 10 dnevi
Im Always looking for gaming phone, I have RoG2 and Thinking in change to Lenovo Legion Duel 2
Nilam Pandav
Nilam Pandav Pred 10 dnevi
Kalu RAi
Kalu RAi Pred 10 dnevi
Please brother give me phone rog
Kalu RAi
Kalu RAi Pred 10 dnevi
Saurav Gyawali
Saurav Gyawali Pred 10 dnevi
Noob IR Gaming
Noob IR Gaming Pred 10 dnevi
If i get money i will buy this phone. By the way i am a PUBG player
Joshua P Joby
Joshua P Joby Pred 10 dnevi
Then an explosion
B2D GAMING Pred 10 dnevi
Alpha Endorphin
Alpha Endorphin Pred 10 dnevi
00:04 battery is low! 00:15 83% 🤔
Manan Pred 10 dnevi
I want to play talking tom on this Phone ❤️
Kurosakidude Pred 10 dnevi
All i play is Pokemon GO on my phone but we're all waiting for more powerful phones so we can use emulators like citra and emulate 3ds games etc
The Traveler
The Traveler Pred 10 dnevi
I'm not a gamer but this phone is on my short list of phones. I love the symmetrical design and the clean yet stylized exterior.
Shatrughan Phupate
Shatrughan Phupate Pred 11 dnevi
ooo bhai maro muze
Jaisheelan P
Jaisheelan P Pred 11 dnevi
I would buy this
Anshul Karnik
Anshul Karnik Pred 11 dnevi
Low battery can't be 83 percent
Wavy Pred 12 dnevi
If that was his first game on pubgm, that's not impressive. He killed a bunch of bots. Lmaooooo
Alan S
Alan S Pred 12 dnevi
I think red magic is better than Lenovo legion
DC Gaming zone
DC Gaming zone Pred 12 dnevi
If you have 83 present ist not low betterty
James Rodwell
James Rodwell Pred 12 dnevi
The flagrant zoology inversely float because america logistically test athwart a lumpy ox. alike, one taiwan
Haarri Tijo
Haarri Tijo Pred 12 dnevi
Larik Pred 12 dnevi
Imagine serious gaming on a phone
The MechHacker
The MechHacker Pred 12 dnevi
yes, it is real serious.
Vipes Gaming
Vipes Gaming Pred 12 dnevi
That's awsome
TruongTan An
TruongTan An Pred 12 dnevi
Ima buy this phone for sure
Gerballer Agooie
Gerballer Agooie Pred 12 dnevi
No, it failed the bend test.
I LOVE AVENGER Pred 13 dnevi
Battery still 83%, He say It's low. 🥴 Lol
Abhishek Mithran
Abhishek Mithran Pred 13 dnevi
Marques when his phone is down to 83% : "Oh battery is low" Meanwhile me who has been clinging on to 3% for the last 2 laps on nfs
Nathan Pred 13 dnevi
Call of duty mobile is the game broo 😂😂
lonely boy lowry boy
lonely boy lowry boy Pred 13 dnevi
just plug it in lol
ANDAR DUNIA Pred 13 dnevi
Villain Pred 13 dnevi
Not for me sadly something about mobile gaming just bugs me but holy crap is this thing impressive.
Tisa Moni
Tisa Moni Pred 13 dnevi
Which phone this is🤔
Vienna21MCG Pred 13 dnevi
Would use it for media cuz of speakers.
Kuipter What ifs¿
Kuipter What ifs¿ Pred 13 dnevi
They need to make a tablet out if this
Ηλίας Pred 12 dnevi
Ikr. Ive always wanted these type of specs into an ipad. It would change the game.
CowboyJJ99 Pred 13 dnevi
I use alot of emulators on my phone. So I play alot of PSP PS1 Gameboy GameCube ect. Games. I literally use my phone as a pocket console and am thinking about getting this.
Md Shahajalal2
Md Shahajalal2 Pred 14 dnevi
Sorry..bro I gase the mobile name -lenono legion duel2...
Md Shahajalal2
Md Shahajalal2 Pred 14 dnevi
What is mobile name
Rajib Chetia
Rajib Chetia Pred 14 dnevi
I need this phone,but.I haven't money . Please give me this phone 🙏
TheUnlimited64 Pred 14 dnevi
why cant it charge 90w per one port? The usb-c specs clearly allows it?
Creative Turbo
Creative Turbo Pred 14 dnevi
Why 2 charging usb c port That frustrating in long use but good for short show-off It can be one usb c port like xiaomi may launch 200watt single c type port
Retesh Latchman
Retesh Latchman Pred 14 dnevi
"duel 2" WOW
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