The World's Largest Smartphone Camera!

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Marques Brownlee

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Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra sets some records, plus a screen on the back for good measure!

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Phone provided by Xiaomi for review.


darkki Pred 4 urami
Using the back ultra wide camera for selfie with that rear display .. you can fit maybe 30 ppl in a selfie .. jesus
Oaklyn Media
Oaklyn Media Pred 5 urami
Give me prosumer cameras if the bump is bigger than the phone itself I'll still buy it!
Stephen Ayedem
Stephen Ayedem Pred dnevom
You got to dash me one of ur cellular devices
arpan roy
arpan roy Pred 2 dnevi
Awesome smartphone. Mi 11 ultra 🔥
Mike104 Pred 2 dnevi
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells Pred 2 dnevi
Yep they are
Laura Nonette
Laura Nonette Pred 3 dnevi
will this phone work on Metro/T-Mobile?
LL B Pred 3 dnevi
Flossy Carter's review on this phone is over an hour long. It definitely hits the spot and at £700+ excellent value for money.
darkki Pred 4 urami
700 ? dude that phone is 1300£ !
Prathamesh Datar
Prathamesh Datar Pred 4 dnevi
One like just for the intro
Malek Alsalti
Malek Alsalti Pred 4 dnevi
Many people use their smartphone cameras to capture documents. In future videos, I would love to see how smartphone 📷 handle document shooting.
A S S H Pred 4 dnevi
Guys just look at that graph
Adam c
Adam c Pred 5 dnevi
Seriously iPhone pro? 🤣
BurningMoreXP. Pred 6 dnevi
Where can I buy it??
Collins Eban
Collins Eban Pred 6 dnevi
Should I go for This phone or note 20 ultra 5g?
Mangal Pred 7 dnevi
Because of the camera bump you would keep the phone inverted most of the time so having a screen at the back is useful for time and notifications.
enz Pred 8 dnevi
why are you so bias against non-western brands lol
Linkon Pred 8 dnevi
@Marques Brownlee : "name a high spec in your head, this phone has it" Me- I'll give you three: "headphone jack" "memory card slot" "USB 3.1"
Aditya Sharma
Aditya Sharma Pred 9 dnevi
Only thing stopping me from buying this phone is the OS.
Tan Luming
Tan Luming Pred 9 dnevi
why apple,then?
faje tosku
faje tosku Pred 9 dnevi
I will name a high end spec . Head phone JACK with hi res audio. NOT CHECKED If i had over 1k for buying a smartphone sony experia mark iii all the way all the good things minus the bad things like curve screen punch hole heavy as a brick and more plus every phone today looks the same, no personality no class so boring
Mark Moore
Mark Moore Pred 9 dnevi
That is a badass phone.
Rob Alfie
Rob Alfie Pred 10 dnevi
I heard in order to match Samsung's 100 zoom, this camera can only really go to 60 zoom. Everything after that it's just bad.
Paul Gomez
Paul Gomez Pred 11 dnevi
MKHBD is bias against Chinese brand for some reason
Lieutenant LJW
Lieutenant LJW Pred 11 dnevi
white sus
Pranav Yeole
Pranav Yeole Pred 11 dnevi
notice how he changes he tone when the device is not from us or sk
Zade Keys
Zade Keys Pred 12 dnevi
I'm sure the phone case will make the camera more flush.
Musharraf Hussain
Musharraf Hussain Pred 13 dnevi
Thanks for the detailed review as I watched it twice so far 😀 But I am in a fix whether to go with this one over Vivo X60 Pro+ or not. Would you recommend it over the Vivo one for a camera savy person?
plugged burner
plugged burner Pred 13 dnevi
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Operationremix Plays
Operationremix Plays Pred 12 dnevi
Stupid bot
Gleidston Filipe Santos Silva
Gleidston Filipe Santos Silva Pred 13 dnevi
When's your feature length movie coming out? What? You're not making one? But... You must make one. Maybe a few shorts then? Eh?
Hal Smi
Hal Smi Pred 13 dnevi
I would but I hate miui
grzegorz_ Pred 13 dnevi
wow. the image sensor is like hmm 60 % larger than iphone 12 max. best camera smartphone in the world. i wish i had xiaomi ultra, when i finally start travelling again (after covid craziness) :) I could finally get rid of my A6100 sony camera ;p Yea, with proper lens I have stunning photos, i'm fully aware of the difference (especially if you like to print your photos) but still having such big image sensor in the smartphone deserves the credit - it is totally crazy! :)
Affan Shaikh
Affan Shaikh Pred 14 dnevi
the lip-smacking noises need to be fixed man
Affan Shaikh
Affan Shaikh Pred 14 dnevi
i don't even wanna buy most of the stuff he reviews but just watching his reviews is entertaining somehow
diamlierx Pred 14 dnevi
Now I'm more interested in the Sony rx100
rantanplan1911 Pred 14 dnevi
People don't seem to realize that "making the phone flat by filling it with battery" will most likely double its weight and render it way less practical... Nobody would want a 1lb phone..
Juan Gallegos
Juan Gallegos Pred 14 dnevi
I would take that havier phone with a bigger battery and a headphone jacket, to me it's a fair trade 👌🏼
Asli Wonogiri Asri
Asli Wonogiri Asri Pred 14 dnevi
Giveaway the phone to me 🤭
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga Pred 14 dnevi
Terrible selfie camera
Showsky Pred 15 dnevi
Smartphone fanatics *we don't need big sensors like the DSLR. Also smartphone fanatics * Make it bigger! *Omg it's so big! *I want a bigger sensor
Arnav Pandey
Arnav Pandey Pred 15 dnevi
Deekshith M S
Deekshith M S Pred 15 dnevi
All these tech innovations by the pioneers only get popular when the opportunist apple copy it and give it a wierd name
Amit Singh Yadav
Amit Singh Yadav Pred 15 dnevi
Miui is shit
christopher krause
christopher krause Pred 15 dnevi
xiaomi-look at this triple domino camera samsung-damn you win
Dylan James Weggz
Dylan James Weggz Pred 15 dnevi
Not keen for a phone like that.
Kunal Bhatt
Kunal Bhatt Pred 16 dnevi
U didn't speak about miui 11
RENJITH K Pred 17 dnevi
Sir is this mi 11 ultra video camera has video portrait mode and monochrome camera. If not which one should i prefer over this for above mentioned video portrait features
soupypoopy69 yee69
soupypoopy69 yee69 Pred 17 dnevi
Amogus anyone?
Pratyasha Biswal
Pratyasha Biswal Pred 17 dnevi
Waiting for Jerry
Pungkoy Pred 17 dnevi
great phone bad software its a xiaomi thing
D U Pred 18 dnevi
Chinese went from Stealing tech to Making innovation in our lifetime thats some real success. They just introduced 200 w hypercharge. They will soon beat Apple in Innovation and Sales
Marvin Ince
Marvin Ince Pred 18 dnevi
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Aeroen Pred 18 dnevi
That intro. Holy sprite
Santos Morales
Santos Morales Pred 18 dnevi
what carrier can be used with this phone in California?
vijayan k n
vijayan k n Pred 20 dnevi
What is merit of putting big inch camera sensor on phone
K R Pred 20 dnevi
Headphone jack - dead Expandable memory - dead Sony has entered the chat. Me: 😍 BTW guys 256GB is not all that much if you gna have a huge camera like that ....
Abm 10
Abm 10 Pred 21 dnevom
Silvan Bouma
Silvan Bouma Pred 21 dnevom
This looks like a nice replacement for my Huawei P30 Pro that I've had for 2 years now
Rytis Liaučys
Rytis Liaučys Pred 21 dnevom
I kind of gave up on Xiaomi. I used to swear by it, but in the long run I was disappointed. They get bloated very quickly, and the bloatware that Xiaomi preloads in their phones really gets in the way. Overtime, MIUI just becomes very unstable and slow with very odd bugs. Once my Xiaomi gives out, I am certainly going to get another brand.
Rebeca Farace
Rebeca Farace Pred 21 dnevom
i would 100% buy this phone if it was available in my country. Just throw a case and everything is fine.
Madhan kumar
Madhan kumar Pred 22 dnevi
Hey Marques vlog with your family
Gowri Shankar
Gowri Shankar Pred 22 dnevi
Top rank at dxomark
Real90sweden Pred 23 dnevi
I hope they get a case that's exacticly the same color as the phone. And then mayby the camera bump whould be fixed.
Charles Alison Rivera
Charles Alison Rivera Pred 23 dnevi
Redmi Note 10 Pro!
Guuzaka Pred 23 dnevi
I do not mind that big camera hump. Xiaomi did a good job of not only making it functional, but also good-looking. 🌟
Vallan Tommy
Vallan Tommy Pred 24 dnevi
Nokia 808 vibes
VVS. T.S1108
VVS. T.S1108 Pred 24 dnevi
make this the most liked comment
Harshit Aseeja
Harshit Aseeja Pred 24 dnevi
Holy fuck who's doing the intro?
Alain-Daniel Tankwa
Alain-Daniel Tankwa Pred 25 dnevi
Good review as usual. Kindly show us a phone when you mention it in comparison to the one you're reviewing
Joseph Musonda
Joseph Musonda Pred 25 dnevi
the intro 😍😍😍
Gabriel Alves Da Silva
Gabriel Alves Da Silva Pred 26 dnevi
Me with my galaxy a5 (2017) thinking it's cool but not being able to afford it
Roland Ong
Roland Ong Pred 26 dnevi
Hey, Marques! Can you review the Sharp Aquos R6? It is an amazing phone.
GreatGamer Pred 26 dnevi
@Roland Ong yes
GreatGamer Pred 26 dnevi
Galaxy S21 ULTRA: iPhone 12 Pro Max killer Mi 11 Ultra: Galaxy S21 Ultra killer Sharp Aqous R6: Mi 11 Ultra killer
Infino Fox
Infino Fox Pred 26 dnevi
you need to quickly tell the dormant joe, xiaomi impose sanctions just like huawei ... otherwise they will spy on you again
Plesmem Pred 26 dnevi
It looks sus
Mayvrik Michael
Mayvrik Michael Pred 26 dnevi
The intro 😍, the transition 😭❤ sicc
Sankhadip Mazumder
Sankhadip Mazumder Pred 27 dnevi
Only blokes with huge hands can handle this phone 😂
Dhish Shish
Dhish Shish Pred 27 dnevi
12:57 Marques: “It’s just one big slick thing” Me: DANG
GIB VOOD Pred 27 dnevi
apple: haha iam in danger
Zulu Swazi
Zulu Swazi Pred 27 dnevi
That intro Marquees...superdope. can i get it on Spotify. The phone is monstrous with those specs you just highlighted. I'm a Xiaomi fan currently using a Redmi 9T. Xiaomi has come too far and today they're a force to reckon with. IR Blaster, 256GB,. Camera, 12gb ram, water resistant, Harman Kardon stereo speakers etc.... what is lacking here! Big ups Xiaomi.
Skyler Stone
Skyler Stone Pred 28 dnevi
Skyler Stone
Skyler Stone Pred 28 dnevi
Ali Shan
Ali Shan Pred 28 dnevi
I think that camera bump is pretty sweet
DonJuanDeLaVerga Pred 28 dnevi
But will it be as big of a game changer as the P30 Pro was 2 years ago?
Carlos Vega
Carlos Vega Pred 28 dnevi
Summarizes every android phone. Great hardware with shitty or average software.
NSND Hiệp Chicken
NSND Hiệp Chicken Pred 29 dnevi
best Xiaomi
yellow lemon
yellow lemon Pred 29 dnevi
Galaxy K Zoom : *cough
joe exoic
joe exoic Pred mesecem
2:12 hey don't forget Panasonic Panasonic DMC-CM1 with 1" sensor 7 years ago
l96ai Pred mesecem
Xiaomi: we ship the phone AND the charger, free of charge! Me: Sold!
A to Z Technical boy
A to Z Technical boy Pred mesecem
Love from India ❤️
Bibeth Sharma
Bibeth Sharma Pred mesecem
I saw " Made in USA" ..... Wow!!!!
TheMz Pred mesecem
When the intro is greater than most of the ads ....
Peter Gregory Cruzata
Peter Gregory Cruzata Pred mesecem
Q&A, please: What if iPhone became mandatory in a country or the whole world? Could we become a controlled society with privacy and Peace??
Kurora Abduk
Kurora Abduk Pred mesecem
i just dont like xiaomi camera app
Kismias Pred mesecem
It completely fails the pocket test.
Mitradev Aubeelakhoon
Mitradev Aubeelakhoon Pred mesecem
LG G5 ultrawide camera gave a 135˚ field of view while the xioami mi 11 ultra is only 128˚ wide.
Rahman Farook
Rahman Farook Pred mesecem
i cant afford it still im watching 😂
Toby Anderson
Toby Anderson Pred mesecem
11:49 High end quad audio dack?
Mohammed AlAttar (malattar)
Mohammed AlAttar (malattar) Pred mesecem
I guess people ran out of ideas lol
Wilbert Bermejo-Flores
Wilbert Bermejo-Flores Pred mesecem
WOW. What an amazing phone. I Wish they could release it in the United States.
丘勋琪 Pred mesecem
I hope our Chinese phone can release in US too.
Cori Trottman
Cori Trottman Pred mesecem
There's like no cases available for this 😂
SBK bro
SBK bro Pred mesecem
Moon lovers are here😁
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